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Tiny visitor in Parliament during NCM debate!

14 July, 2019

Last week saw vicious misogynistic bullying of a senior female journalist by the Gotabaya Rajapaksa aligned “think-tank” Viyathmaga and its affiliates on the social media network Twitter because she had dared to speak out against harassment Sri Lankan women face on the streets. It was also the week that saw the arrival of two-month old Binanga Ruheli in the Parliamentary complex, accompanying her mother UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra who was compelled to be present for a crucial vote on the No Confidence Motion against the Government brought by the JVP last Thursday (11). Premachandra told the Sunday Observer that her party leader and male colleagues told her there were no objections to the infant being brought into the Chamber during the debate because for the moment, Ruheli cannot bear to be separated from her mother. “Hopefully people will not think I was just trying to showcase my baby. This is just the struggle of working mothers all over the country. For all of us, work and family are both priorities, and can never really be separate”, Premachandra said.

(Pic: Sulochana Gamage)