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Dharmasena’s World Cup blunder opens another chapter

14 July, 2019
Umpires Kumara Dharmasena (right) and Marias Erasmus talk to Roy
Umpires Kumara Dharmasena (right) and Marias Erasmus talk to Roy

World Cup umpire Kumara Dharmasena caused the International Cricket Council (ICC) a large volume of embarrassment when he wrongly ruled out England batsman Jason Roy caught behind by the wicket keeper in last Thursday’s semi final against Australia.

Four months ago Dharmasena was awarded by the ICC as their best umpire and obviously earmarked for the tournament’s final.

But according to analysts there was no way the ICC was to remove Dharmasena from today’s final that would have only justified Roy’s reaction of disputing the umpire’s ruling.

Some analysts also argue that it was incomprehensible that a batsman is allowed to challenge an umpire’s decision by gesturing for the television replay and then be penalized for doing it verbally even though his team may have lost the only television Review allocated.

“What’s the difference between a batsman disputing the umpire’s ruling with his hands and his mouth,” asked one analyst. Jason was fined 30 percent of his match fee for disputing Dharmasena’s ruling after the ball made no contact with the bat or glove.

In what some may see as apparent sympathy for Roy who was closing on his century on 85, leg-umpire Marias Erasmus walked up to the batsman, held him by the arm and persuaded him to leave the pitch.


In umpiring Occasional mistakes do happen. In Tasmania Sangakkara was given out at 199 and he missed his double Century. I forget the name of the umpire but he has apologised after the match for the mistake. That is gentlemen's Sportsmanship

It was clear that the ball did not hit Roy's bat but it was not an easy for Dharmasena to judge as well. I think he thought that ball hit the glove due to deviation of the ball. However, he should have given his decision in favour of the batsman for the fielding side to review, if required to. In a tournament like this, one review a side is not sufficient. The way that umpires make errors, there should be three reviews per inning at least. The hilarious part is for the match referee to fine the batsman. Match referee should be sacked.