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Be proud of Sri Lanka

21 July, 2019


Pride is an important attribute of a person. It means to rejoice in something that you own or have achieved. The greatest gift that we own is our country, Sri Lanka. It is called the Island of gems and also the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Only compassionate and intelligent Sri Lankans can give a true meaning to those names.

Many of our people don’t see the beauty in our country and blindly spend their earnings on going to other countries to have luxury and happiness. People forget that happiness can be found anywhere, especially in our small water drop shaped isle. Our country consists of many different races, religions, cultures and arts. It is a fountain of compassion and joy, because we don’t judge each other by their race, but rather their personalities and positive intentions.

Let’s all get-together and shout ‘We are Sri Lankans’. Let’s all love our country and create peace and equality, before thinking of going to other countries and have the luxuries of life. Be proud of the many opportunities and joyful aspects of Sri Lanka. Our country is a nation with talented people. Together we can get through any obstacle. Let’s put our minds together to develop our country, be proud of Sri Lanka.


D.M. Jithmini Benara,

Grade 8,

Anuradhapura Sri Rahula College,