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edotco to equip Sri Lanka with Smart City solutions

The Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka and edotco Sri Lanka, an integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company, entered into an agreement to invest in the latest Smart City solutions and energy efficient systems to further develop the country’s connectivity landscape.

Under this agreement, the BOI grants edotco Sri Lanka the approval to deploy urban smart solutions throughout the country over the next three years.

A key part of this project will see the deployment of 1000 Multi-Purpose Smart Poles throughout the country. edotco’s Smart City solutions introduces the latest technological evolutions in connectivity solutions that serve multiple purposes.

Understanding the importance of aesthetics in urban development, these multi-purpose innovative solutions are sleek, camouflaged, green and blend well with town-planning for modern metropolis cities.

The smart urban connectivity systems will not only serve as sharing infrastructure for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) but will also come with integrated security and surveillance features, advertising space, environmental information sources, smart street lighting, smart parking and even natural disaster monitoring systems. The company is also working on partnerships to provide electric charging stations and so on, to be powered by the multi-purpose poles.

Under this agreement, edotco will also deploy energy efficient systems that will translate to less energy and fuel consumption as well as reduce capital expenditure for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), allowing them to focus on their core business and further improve service levels.

As Sri Lanka progresses forward as an Upper Middle Income Economy in the region, the BOI firmly believes that partnerships like these are key in ensuring the right smart infrastructure is deployed. Enhancing our cities with modern urban smart solutions brings us closer to realizing the Government’s ‘Vision 2025’ digitalisation aspirations.