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Book on Taoism

Taoism, the East Asian philosophy based on Nature was introduced to China in 6th century BC by Lao-tzu, while Feng Shui was introduced by Taoism teachers. Taoism was later divided into different schools with diverse teachings. Gradually, it grew parallel to Mahayana Buddhism in China, and subsequently spread to other regions where Buddhism has taken root, such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Taoism teachings recognise the Buddha, and its followers live a lifestyle based on the five precepts. A majority of them are vegetarians, which could be a main reason for it being popularized in areas where Buddhism was practised.

‘Opening of the third eye’ is a Taoism teaching which started to bag much attention in the 20th century. It was a teaching brought forward by one such school in Taoism.

The book, Tao translated by S. H. Perera, discusses Taoism based on this principle. This book was first written in Chinese and later translated into English. Translator Perera has used both Chinese and English phrases together with Sinhala text in preparing this book.

‘Tai’ is the first translated book of S.H. Perera, a seasoned writer who has published several of his own books. It is also the first book in the country’s history to be published in three languages simultaneously. It is a good reference book to those learning Chinese.