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‘WEB4U’ from SLT Digital Services

SLT Digital Info Services (Pvt.) Ltd., the digital info services and directory information arm of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) recently launched the latest addition to its digital product portfolio - the ‘WEB4U’ website creation service.

This an especial digital service offered by SLT Digital Info Services (SLTDS) that provides an exclusive online platform offering web pages and websites created at a minimal cost for small and medium scale enterprises (SME) which have limited budgets. It empowers SME entrepreneurs to attractively promote their business online via an individualised website of their own.

“We believe this is an excellent opportunity for small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) looking for innovative ways to increase their revenue and create brand awareness.

The Web4U initiative is a timely need for the Sri Lankan market where businesses can make their online presence felt to achieve all of their business goals on a limited budget despite challenging economic conditions in our country. The Web4U development initiative will help businesses to have a creative design, which are visually appealing and user friendly websites built at affordable prices that cater to the specific requirements of clients,” said CEO of SLT Digital Info Services (Pvt) Ltd., Malraj Balapitiya.

“The necessity of an online presence for businesses is an undeniable necessity today. You might have tried to create a website yourself and encountered barriers such as finding a trustworthy company that helps to host a website at a nominal fee. Our solution is perfect for you, if you are someone having the above concerns. We, being a trustworthy company have decided to empower businesses like yours to bridge the gap in the market by providing the perfect solution ‘WEB4U’,” he said.