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Power World Gyms announces innovative franchise opportunity

4 August, 2019
A section of a gym at Power World
A section of a gym at Power World

Power World Gyms, a fitness chain in Sri Lanka and India with a network of 90 gyms serving over 100,000 members, has launched an innovative franchising opportunity for its already-established gyms as part of the company’s long-term sustainable growth strategy.

With its number of fitness centres increasing and the ambitious plans to expand its operations into other emerging frontier markets, a franchising business model will serve as an ideal platform allowing the company to focus, navigate and scale up while maintaining and enhancing service quality standards.

Its well-established brand presence, undisputed industry reputation, resilience through the toughest of times in the economy, assures potential investors of a low risk investment opportunity free of uncertainty. The arduous task of starting a gym from scratch is spared in the off-the-shelf investment proposition on offer. Its self-driven operational model requires minimum time, knowledge and personal commitment from franchisees.

With step-by-step operational manuals, ongoing support and guidance, qualified and experienced fitness instructors and managers, access to national advertising and promotions initiatives, franchisees are encouraged to be entrepreneurial so as to achieve the gym’s optimum potential while enjoying a good return on their investment.

Power World Gyms is equipped with fully functional finger scan and management software to control access and abuse, CCTV monitoring for security, a mobile-app for member engagement, among others.

The franchise opportunity is open to professionals, high net-worth individuals, young budding entrepreneurs, and any business looking to diversify its business portfolio.