WTCA celebrates ‘A Half Century of Global Trade Connectivity’ | Sunday Observer

WTCA celebrates ‘A Half Century of Global Trade Connectivity’

The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), of which World Trade Center (WTC) Colombo is a member, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year as the owner of the iconic global ‘World Trade Center’ and ‘WTC’ trademarks.

Founded in 1969 by Guy Tozzoli who was responsible for building the original New York WTC, the non-profit organization has become the world’s trusted global brand, facilitating international business connections and trade. The WTCA kicked off its year-long anniversary campaign celebrating “A Half Century of Global Trade Connectivity” at its 50th General Assembly in Querétaro, Mexico, and will conclude the celebration at the GA in Taipei in March 2020.

“It is really quite special to have made it to 50 years,” stated WTCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Scott Ferguson. “Last year, we developed a plan with the vision to ‘become the world’s trusted global brand facilitating international business connections and trade,’ and the tagline, ‘connecting the business world.’ Taken together with our unique network makeup, and the history of the last 50 years, our theme for the Anniversary is ‘A Half Century of Global Trade Connectivity.’”

WTC Colombo was established more than 20 years ago in Sri Lanka under the patronage of Chairman of Overseas Realty (Ceylon) PLC, S. P. Tao, the owner, developer, and manager of the building.

“In accordance with the WTCA’s motto for global trade connectivity, WTC Colombo thrives in Sri Lanka by providing superior service to its owners, occupants, and visitors, and by carrying out comprehensive refurbishing and upgrading programs to the common facilities of the building,”stated Pravir Samarasinghe, Group CEO/ Director of WTC Colombo. “Our services and programs are a strong testament to our dedication and commitment to excellence in providing quality office space in the region and establishing connections between our tenants.”