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Letters to the Editor

Restrict container movement

As our shipping industry has been fast developing hundreds of containers, both loaded and empty, could be seen moving about in the city. They are mostly driven by youngsters, speeding wherever possible even turning at bends recklessly.

We have seen containers having fallen on roads, but no serious casualties have been reported.

Traffic police introduce various rules for the betterment of the drivers and the public. But most of the drivers grumble as they are being ‘eyed’.

As the city is full of vehicles creating heavy congestion here and there, containers are an additional snag for the smooth flow of the vehicles. If they are to enter another narrow by-road, specially a 40-foot one, the block will persist. Some restrictions can be imposed on container transport.

Time for container transport:-

1.Between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. (Weekdays)

2.From 2 p.m. Saturday to Monday 5 a.m.

3.Full day on Public holidays.

Authorities, please be mindful of these measures.

- Nazly Cassim 
Colombo 13.