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A moment with Chinese Art

If thoughts of a relaxed peaceful mind could be drawn and turned into visuals. They would definitely be a work of art. Paintings, pottery -work and sculpture take a significant position in visual arts, as they entertain the spectator at first sight. Among all kinds of visual arts; Traditional Chinese Paintings have earned recognition and admiration all over the world. The simple brush strokes on a white sheet of paper using specified range of colours is powerful enough to take spectators beyond their imagination.

The renowned artist Master Rongmao Wang from Guangdong, China shared his mastery skills with the Sri Lankan Art Platform on Monday 29 July at JDA Art Gallery, to strengthen the bond between China and Sri Lanka through art. Rongmao Wang is a Ceramic Arts Master in Guangdong, Visiting Professor of Guangdong Vocational and Technical College and an External Tutor of Jiaying College. He is also a member of China National Senior Craft Artist of China and Association of Ceramic Industry of Guangdong.

The exhibition was organised with the collaboration of the Sri Lanka China Trade and Investment Council and Department of Visual and Performing Arts, of the University of Colombo. Artist Rangmao Wang exhibited twenty commissioned works of art which were dedicated for students of Visual Art and for those who are enthusiastic about Traditional Chinese Art work.

The paintings of Master Wang show his unique sensitivity, vivid expression and mastered skill in creation of Art. His creative brushwork in drawing landscape, insects, flowers, birds, fish with a limited number of watercolors are the essence of Chinese traditional Art. It has influenced his ceramic production techniques as well. Chinese Traditional Art is considered as one of the ‘Three quintessence of Chinese culture’, other two being Chinese Traditional Medicine and Beijing Opera.

There are three categories under which Traditional Chinese Painting are classified; Figure painting, Landscape painting and Flower and Bird painting. Mater Wang’s excellent work of art is a clear depiction of his pure instinct towards all three categories. In addition he has performances in calligraphy, sculpture and decorations and has gained many international, national and provincial awards.

The universal subject ‘Art’ has the power to reach anyone anywhere and touch hearts at once. It should have no boundaries or objectives as it only unites different nations together. The Watercolor Exhibition of Master Wang Rangmao, is a successful attempt to strengthened the bond between Sri Lanka and China, while winning the hearts of Sri Lankan Art enthusiasts.

Pix by Sudam Gunasinghe