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Something to think about

Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings have an amazing ability to change the way we feel about life. This is why it’s so interesting and crucial on our paths to success.

“We are all broken somehow. Some of us are small dents in the door of a brand new car. Others are aged slates of concrete that have been broken apart by the gruesome roots of trees, dandelions ripping holes all through out it. Most of us are cars but some of us were forced to be concrete. The bright side? The concrete withstands much more than the car.”

– Written in 2014 by Melyna S.,

Age 15, Texas


“Don’t be an open book. If someone reads a wrong page they might not want to know the rest of the story. Make sure your trust is hard earned.”

– Written in 2014 by Dharani A.,

Age 14, Sri Lanka


“Happiness Is To Love And To Be Loved.”

– Author Unknown

Submitted by Kainat K.,

Age 14, Pakistan

“We need to know ourselves... to understand others better.”

– Author Unknown, Submitted by Sushant P. , Age 18, India


“Life is like a sugar cane; hard but sweet.”

– Author Unknown, Submitted by Sharda R., Age 15, Trinidad and Tobago

(My dad always tell me this when I’m frustrated.)


“The best gift you can gift to yourself is challenging yourself.”

Written in 2013 by Usama F., Age 15, Saudi Arabia


“Life is a race.....there is no back space.”

Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sandeep M., Age 18 --- India

(Because this inspires me the most..)


“Love me, hate me, but you can’t alienate me!”

Written in 2014 by Kennedi H.,

Age 18, Michigan

It was just waiting to come out my brain!

“The day when you realize love for your parents is the day you will know that your life will never experience sorrow.”

Written in 2014 by Prateek T., Age 16 --- India

I want to help others.

“A simple delicacy, in such a convoluted world, can only be heard when you let your mind encompass its elegance.”

Written in 2013 by Kaylee H., Age 17 --- Utah

“It sucks... but one day, life is gonna let us down and it’s gonna be up to us to either rise up or stay down.”

Written in 2103 by Aishat S., Age 16 --- Nigeria

“Never lie, steal, cheat or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away the happy times, if you must cheat, cheat pain and death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that steal your breath away.”

From the Movie “Hitch” with some additions from Victoria, Age 15 --- Missouri

It is taking terrible things people do and making them not so terrible.

“When you cry at a trouble it becomes double, when you smile at a trouble it disappear like a bubble.”

Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nidhi G., Age 16 --- India

This is my thinking and it reflects thinking among teens so they can heal any problem easily.

“Success is not about earning. It’s not about status quo. Success is about having the freedom to follow your passion. It’s about living your dreams. Success is about waking up in the morning and saying, ‘I’m born again!’”

Written in 2014 by Rajit Roy, Age 18 --- India