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The Magic Brush and other stories

The Magic Brush and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of seventeen short stories titled The Magic Brush, The Horrid Little Boy, The Disappearing Hats, Santa Claus Gets a Shock, Ragged Old Monkey, A Bit of Blue Sky, Ellen's Adventure, The Big Juicy Carrot, Little Tom Taylor, Biggitty and the Green Hen, Suzy-Ann's Clock, Susie and Her Shadow, The Girl Who Tore Her Books, The Great Big Snowman, The Lost Slippers, The Squirrel and the Pixie and Ha-Ha Jack-in-the-Box!

Little Tom Taylor is about a three-year-old boy who loves living on a farm and knows every animal. Tom feeds the ducks, hens, cats, dogs, donkeys, pigs and the cart-horse every day. The farm is near the main road and Tom longs to go to the main road to see the activities there. One day Tom sees a hole in the wire net enclosing the farm from the main road and he squeezes out of it. The animals on the farm miss Tom because he has not been to see them that day. Then the cow sees him on the main road and tells the ducks who tell the farm dogs who run to tell their owner who cannot comprehend why the dogs are barking. Finally, the cart horse jumps over a hedge to reach the main road and rescues Tom.

Susie and Her Shadow begins with a description of how a little girl named Susie meets a pixie while she is sitting in her garden reading a book. The pixie wants a shadow because he knows a spell to make a magic cloak which would make him invisible and he asks Susie whether he could have her shadow. But Susie politely refuses to give the pixie her shadow because she wants it, and she asks the pixie why he cannot cut his own shadow since it is of no use to him. But the pixie is selfish and mean and cuts off Susie’s shadow without her permission. A brownie who lives in a tree-house nearby helps Susie to get back her shadow.