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CBL helps mitigate environment pollution in Kataragama

Munchee Mihisethmaga, the environmental protection initiative of the flagship brand of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL), Munchee, organised various activities to protect the environment during the Kataragama season recently.

Festivities and celebratory events inevitably lead to pollution of the environment due to lack of proper garbage disposal methods coupled with general disregard of the public. This has impacted the surrounding environment, the community and animals.

Munchee provided recyclable bags to pilgrims while educating them on environmental protection in efforts to minimise the levels of pollution. A propaganda truck was used to broadcast announcements on the importance of keeping the city clean, with the noble intention of reducing or possibly preventing the use of polythene bags.

In keeping with their continuous efforts in protecting the environment, the Munchee team also organised a program the day after the final perahara to clean up the Kataragama Sacred City and the surrounding area.

Members from the Special Task Force, the Kataragama Esala Parisara Mituroa, an active NGO in the area, the Kataragama Pradesheeya Sabha and the Environmental Authority Office in the UVA Provincial Council extended their fullest support.

Several volunteers also participated in this important environment-friendly exercise. As a result it was possible to clean the Sacred City and ensure the accumulated garbage was dispatched to recycling centres for proper disposal.

Encouraged by the feedback of the public, Munchee hopes to expand this project with additional features to protect the environment in the future.

CBL also distributed biscuits at a dansal. A Pin Potha printed courtesy of Munchee was donated to all devotees who arrived at the sacred Kiri Vehera area, assisting them in observing sil.