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The Internet is a very important invention made by man. It serves a wide range of people in the world. There are many advantages in using the internet. So, it develops a quality lifestyle.

We use the internet to get information. At present, schoolchildren use the internet for their educational needs. University lecturers and students use internet as an information source.

We use the internet for entertainment needs. We can watch videos, films, cartoons, images and songs using the internet. Especially, children use the internet for playing games. Also we can log into social media for social needs. Facebook, twitter, yahoo, YouTube, vibre and WhatsApp are very popular social media among the people.

People use the internet for business needs. We can buy and sell goods using the internet. It is very convenient and fast. So, people use it for a better lifestyle. People use the internet to send emails. As you know, email is a very fast way of sending messages. We can buy and sell goods with different apps such as and

However, there are disadvantages too. People waste their time and money using the internet. Some people use the internet for hours and hours. Specially, children do this. The Internet damages our culture. This is an issue in the country today. The Internet provides us bogus information too. Therefore, we must use internet wisely.


P.K.S. Indumini Pitawala,

Grade 10 A,

Sri Sangamitta Girls’ National School,