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Aadi month commencement

The special Aadi month commencement ceremony of Puttalam Seguvantheevu Shree Murugan religious school was held recently at the religious school premises.

In this present world the traditions, cultural practices and other age old practices are hardly followed. Accordingly, Aadi celebration is also a tradition, which is not observed by the present generation.

Therefore, to remember and teach the rituals of Aadi celebration to the next generation, the administration of Puttalam Seguvantheevu Shree Murugan religious school had arranged this ceremony at the Shree Sivasubramaniyam Kovil premises, locatd within the Shree Murugan religious school compound. The religious school teachers, students, parents and many others participated.

A broth preparing event named Aadi broth was held as a special event, that is traditionally followed during the Aadi celebration. A special pooja also was conducted at the Kovil.