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Northern culinary delights @ the Ramada Colombo

Cuisine from the Northern Province has been associated with a delightful blend of spices and a succulent choice of seafood. For decades Jaffna food has appealed to all Sri Lankans. Having launched the Yal Virindu - Jaffna food festival years ago, the F&B Team at Ramada Colombo is making arrangements to showcase the finest of Jaffna cuisine right here in Colombo. Since its inception this buffet has been a must visit for discerning gourmets.

Jaffna cuisine has always enjoyed a reputation which draws the entire family together. For centuries Northern food has manifested with such tantalizing flavours which the Ramada chefs will proudly unleash at their amazing buffet.

‘Yal Virindu’ will bring its loyal and new customers dishes infused with the finest ingredients including the famous Odiyal Kool - the signature dish of Jaffna, Tamarind Rice, Savoury Stringhopper Pilau, Fish Pittu, Prawn Pittu, Shark Salad ( Sura Vari), Prawn Salad, Eral Varai, Mutton Poriyal, Cuttlefish Curry, Crab Curry - another sought after Jaffna delight, Chicken Kulambu, Brinjal Curry and Dhal Rasam. In addition, one can indulge in Hoppers, Milk Hoppers, Rasa Valli Pudding, Payasam and Laddu. Children under 12 are offered a 50% discount.

Veteran hotelier M. Shanthikumar, Director Ramada Hotel who is the pioneer of this buffet concept said, “The Jaffna buffet will bring to life and resonate with a genuine Northern ambience with traditional décor and music to supplement the great cuisine.

The buffet is more than good food; it is a complete and unique cultural experience laden with rich culinary heritage.” The Jaffna buffet is on from September 5 to 15 at the Ramada Colombo.