Intelligence yet to confirm on ‘two Lankan terrorists in Philippines’ | Sunday Observer

Intelligence yet to confirm on ‘two Lankan terrorists in Philippines’

Intelligence sources have not confirmed that two terrorists of Sri Lankan descent have entered the Philippines as reported by the media, Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara said.

An article that appeared on a Singaporean media outlet stated at least two terrorists from Sri Lanka have illegally entered the Philippines and were planning attacks on highly populated Luzon Island, foreign media reported.

The foreign media report stated that the terrorists were training local militants to make bombs to attack churches and other ‘soft targets’ in the island.

Manila International Airport Authority’s watch list has identified two terrorists, both as suicide bombers, who had relatives in the Philippines.

It stated that one suspected terrorist had ties to the National Thowheed Jama’ath, the terrorist group accused of carrying out the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka in April that killed at least 250 people, according to the watch list. His mother, the report further added, was a Filipino working as a maid in Dubai.

It explained that other suspected terrorist, who holds a Philippine and Sri Lankan passport, is identified as a ‘black-belter’ who trained children and women in bomb-making.

A group budded Suyuful Khilafa Fi Luzon is understood to be planning attacks in Luzon with the duo.The article further stated President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is gearing up security in Luzon Island.

“I have ISIS, and this is what I am most afraid of,” the article quotes President Duterte. “I am praying, really praying, kneeling before God, to spare us the kind of brutality and cruelty (ISIS brings) because it will really be bloody, bloody as it can be.”