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The Harin-Hathurusinha saga : Minister in bid to keep cricket clean

Sports Minister Harin Fernando
Sports Minister Harin Fernando

The post-World Cup period had not been smooth sailing for Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) with talk of change of coaches. Since suggestions had come from the Sports Minister himself, the situation appeared as if Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) was going to join the club of the “Suspended”, along with Zimbabwe, a victim already.

This was after Zimbabwe Cricket had been banned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) over what it said was government interference.

Sports Minister Harin Fernando clearing and clarifying said he had discussed with the ICC president Shashank Manohar, making his stance crystal-clear that this was no political interference, but only proposing suggestions.

“Under the Sports Law, the Minister can propose certain suggestions for administration.

“That’s why I can’t sack Haturusinha, in my own right. But I’ll have to ask SLC. In any of my communication, I’ve never asked to appoint or remove anybody. I’ve only asked to renegotiate. Just to keep them out and re-negotiate,” Minister Fernando said in response to a query by the Sunday Observer.

Asked, what would be the conditions Hathurusinha will have to comply with if he is to be reinstated, the Minister listed out that there should be strong Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

He said there should be a winning and performance-based incentive to be given to be on a per-win basis.

“The USD 40,000 (Hathurusinha’s monthly salary) can be paid when we achieve a 60 per cent winning rate and that will be fair.

With that I’ve no problem. With the winning earnings, the Board can look after the players better,” explained Minister Fernando.

While acknowledging that it was his responsibility to sort out matters in sports, Minister Fernando also said that he wants to keep politics out of all sport.

“What I honestly want to do is to be good with the federations, boards or administrations and in turn for them to look after the sportsmen,” he said.