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An incense stick that saves lives

A farmer and his family are tending to their crops, suddenly they hear a scream from their young daughter. An elephant has gotten past the electric fence again. Sometimes this happens when there is a power outage, other times the elephants damage the fence using logs. The elephant is stampeding about the vegetable patch and destroying an entire seasons worth of produce. The farmer is desperate to save his livelihood and safeguard his family. He attempts to chase the elephant away, the animal undaunted, rushes at the farmer, severely injures him, the villages are forced to attack the elephant to try and save the family, tragedy ensures.

This is a scene that plays out daily in numerous rural villages across the country. In fact, according to the most recent statistics, every year as much as 300 elephants and over 60 humans lose their lives by coming into contact with each other. In addition to this rural villages are losing millions of rupees due to damaged crops, land, and homes. This has further deteriorated the situation, leaving the elephants in danger and the villages in dire straits.

A new invention in the form of an incense stick, emanating aromas that keep the wild elephants away, is currently being tested by wild life officers in the Nikaweratiya and Galgamuwa areas. This new product was developed by D’las International as part of a CSR effort. D’las International is a subsidiary of HDDES Group and the manufacturer of Aura incense sticks and fine fragrances.

Recently, the wild life officers distributed the product samples among the villagers of Nawana, Nikaweratiya for their feedback and testing.

The specially developed incense stick has been a few years in the making and other than its appearance and ease of use, it has very little in common with the traditional incense stick. For a start, the newly developed incense stick is 12 inches long, burns for approximately six hours and emanates smoke horizontally so as to cover a wider area. In fact, the specially developed product has the ability to cover a radius of up to 20m. Apart from the physical aspects of the incense stick, where the magic really happens is in the formula. The incense stick is made up of five natural ingredients citronella, ginger, palmarosa, patchouli, and lemongrass, which are combined in a special ratio. This formula ensures effectiveness and efficiency in terms of cost, allowing for a perfect burn over a longer timeframe. Moreover, the smoke and byproducts of the incense stick pose no threat to the elephants, farmers or the environment.