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Poetry Corner

There’s something wrong with us…

A very few tadpoles crossed the moat
When the watchdogs were made quiet;
The tadpoles were free to be lovingly fed
To which the kings remained blind;
Soon no tadpoles could be seen
Yet fully-grown toads breeding alone;
These toads preaching and breeding disciples
Have nicely exploited the kingdom’s loopholes;
Last week saw the most dreadful carnage
In a decade, on the Easter Sunday morning;
These creatures seem to be like Hydra
But need to be paralyzed by Justitia;
The ministers are still slinging mud at each other
The toads dive in the mud, breeding the clan much better;
There’s something wrong it seems sadly
With the citizens choosing the leaders blindly.

Ruwan Gunawardane


An Epic Love

Long time no see.
Love of my life.
Today, I saw him.
His happy face was filled with Roses;
What a divine figure!
Those inviting eyes;
His gentleman behaviour;
Never saw in anyone.
Is he a god?
My epic love.
My pride
That throne never be mine.
My unilateral love.
True love does not have happy endings; hence, it'll be a Better and,
Happy Togetherness
with your queen.
With your epic love.



The Rain

The drought! – Deprivation of water
Endured by the plants! -- Wilting with’ bending – body’
While it was vanishing rapidly --- The new expectation
Along with clouds! ---- For the upcoming shower
Shiny new shoots; which withstood ---- Swishing and uttering
With their kith and kin --- Rejoicing! For the
celebration of their survival
‘Flower—plants’ too sake shower! – The long-lasting freshness!
Rather than ‘pouring –water’
Though the ‘dew –rain’, ‘flower-rain’, already changed!
Hence it’s irregular pattern ---Peels of thunder
‘Gurgling—sounds’ ---- Warning! to earth
Reminding! With the ‘former- experience’
Along with the ‘trembling –hearts’--- ‘Nature’s wrath! Was declared
Beware! Of‘monsoonal—rain’ ---- Is it a reward! From nature?

Merril A Perera - Makola

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