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At the market

When we went to the market,
The man on my right asked; ‘Would you like some berries?’
Then the lady on the left asked; ‘Would you like
some cherries?’
No! My mom decided, we are not going to have any
berries or any cherries.
When we went to the market, the man beside me spoke;
‘Here, have some tomatoes.’
While the lady in front of my mom screamed,
‘Potatoes!, potatoes!, come and buy your potatoes!’
No! My mom goes again, we are not going to spend cash on either
Tomatoes or potatoes.
At last my mom found what she really wanted,
And I’ll tell you what,
They were oreos and toritoes!

K. Thrimani Sathsarani,
Grade 6 J,
Lyceum International School,