Mr. Wind | Sunday Observer

Mr. Wind

What do you want O Mr. Wind
Wipe off your face that cheeky grin
Be careful now, don't walk in haste
Or else my garden will go waste
Tugging at skirts with all your might
Do behave! It's not polite
The washing line alone and bare
Mischief you had more than your share
You root up trees, much more than one
You swipe the peoples hats for fun
You love to play, You love to tease
Each moment you do what you please
You knock at doors and run away
To hear the people crossly say
“Oh Mr. Wind where did you go?
You've no right to annoy us so”
When you creep into my room
All at once the roof goes boom!
Papers scattered around the floor
Next time do call at my door!

Aanya Ganemulla,
14 years,
Holy Family Convent,