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The Wishing Jug and other stories by Enid Blyton

The Wishing Jug and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of fifteen short stories titled The Wishing Jug, Bushy's Secret, The Wrong Lunch-Time, The Goblin's Dog, Mary Brown and Mary Contrary, Treacle-Pudding Town, Heyho and the North Wind, The Dancing Fox-Kettle, A Surprising Afternoon, The Galloping Seahorse, A Hole in Santa's Sack. Mr. Dear-Me's Handkerchief, The Runaway Hat, Belinda All Alone and Come Back, Dobbin!

A Surprising Afternoon is about a small girl named Kitty who is looking forward to going to a party with a magician and a Punch and Judy show on a Saturday afternoon. But Kitty wakes up with a bad cold on Saturday morning and has to stay in bed. While Kitty lay in bed she saw something strange happening. Tiny fairies emerged out of a mouse hole and one of them was bringing a tiny baby in a pram. Then Kitty sees something even more strange. Her teddy bear who was sitting in an arm chair gets up and goes to meet the fairies.

The toys and the fairies have planned to have a party in Kitty’s room while she was away. Kitty tells the teddy bear that the fairies can have the party in her room. The toys and fairies are delighted and have a lovely party. The small dolls in the doll’s house bake cakes in their oven and Kitty tells the teddy bear to give the sweets in her toy sweet shop to the fairy children. Then the toys and the fairies play musical chairs and blind man’s buff after which they clear up and get ready to go back to fairyland.

Heyho and the North Wind is about a brownie named Heyho who washes his clothes and puts it out to dry on the line on a very windy day. Then Heyho washes his yellow scarf that the Fairy Queen gave him because he found her rabbits who had lost their way. He puts the scarf on the line and goes inside his cottage to have a cup of cocoa. Then the North Wind comes along and blows the scarf away and Heyho has to go in search of the North Wind to find his scarf.

Reviewed by Hannah William