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SEPALIKAWO live in concert

The much awaited Sepalikawo Live in Concert by Shehan Kaushalya in collaboration with Kasun Kalhara and Sanka Dineth will be held on August 24, at the Nalanda College’s Malalasekara Auditorium. Sepalikawo is going to be Shehan’s year end music treat for sentimental music lovers and fans. Speaking to the Youth Observer Shehan Kaushalya revealed that the Sepalikawo concert would be a big surprise and a total music blast for the fans who have waited for a “Stand out Music Concert”. His concert mainly features Kasun Kalhara; the immensely talented vocalist who has won unlimited fame and love in the music industry and the innovative pop singer with the versatile voice, Sanka Dineth.

Shehan Kaushalya, who always brings value to the rhythm of the youth said; “Signifying the 10th year in the journey of music, this year’s Sepalikawo concert came to life. It is a combination of three different artistes, with three different voices creating an entirely exceptional musical experience. Sepalikawo is not just a concert; it is a series of concerts. We plan to visit different parts of the country and travel outside the country. Nalaka Sajee contributes to the directing of music and Kelum Srimal to the presenting. The reason why I picked the theme of the concert as Sepalikawo is because people embraced it in a shorter period and it went viral. Sepalikawo is going to be the fifth concert I organise. The first two concerts were Leesha in 2010 and the third was Sande Man in 2011 while I was an undergraduate at the University of Colombo. The fourth was Gimhana Warsha in 2015 in collaboration with Kasun Kalhara and Nadeeka Jayawardene. How Sepalikawo going to be an exceptional musical experience it presents songs without music and mash up songs the three of us. This is the first time where Kasun Kalhara and I will be doing mash ups of our songs”

“Slow sentimental music is more like medicine which calms and relaxes people’s mind. Unfortunately, such music is played less on TV and radio stations. Sentimental music reaches the audience with emotions. An artiste who has put his heart and soul in to the creation of sentimental music goes through a vast range of emotions such as romance, loss, gaiety, pain, happiness, grief, frustration and joy in order to produce quality mood music which reach and hit the core of the heart of listeners. An artiste holds the power to create imagination, flashbacks and flash forwards. In his process of creating art he undergoes a series of sentimental experiences in creating emotionally fulfilling music. The intermingling of experiences sometimes reveals the softest verbalisations as lyrics and express harmony between sense and thinking and the sensuous unity. Therefore, I consider this opportunity as the greatest platform to bring the audience the songs that I have created within these 10 years. My songs such as Sande Man,Me Susum, Sondura, Leesha and Gimhana Warsha are not heard much in media but will be performed at the forthoming concert with new music composition.”

When sentimental music is embraced by the audience it is remembered throughout the year. This is the secret behind the long lasting existence of quality sentimental music. The other factor is, that it is loved and enjoyed by youth and adults in different age groups. Sri Lanka is blessed to have talented, excellent vocalists who create the path for quality creative music.

In the upcoming melodious night, the trio who have devoted their life to music will arouse your musical senses. Never forget that music is something that goes beyond listening and enjoyment. A live musical concert is a shared experience which connects the audience and the performers. Definitely Sepalikawo will awaken your emotions. So, be at the Malalasekera Auditorium, Nalanda College at 6.30 pm on Saturday the 24 of August for a sensational evening of song.