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A milestone celebration

Desmond de Silva
Desmond de Silva

When you mention the name of singer Desmond de Silva my mind always goes back to the day when he with Christopher Greet rocked the hall at the then Oberoi Hotel with their performance of a medley of songs – a performance that is yet to be beaten by singers of today. Desmond was the popular singer from the Bambalapitiya Flats and Greet was the equally popular radio announcer, compere and later the well recognised advertising agency man. Desmond continued with his singing career but unfortunately Greet flew off to England with his wife to enjoy greener pastures.

And now Desmond who is domiciled in Melbourne and has been coming off and on to his homeland for performances will be in Sri Lanka to celebrate a milestone birthday with a scintillating concert on August 31 at the BMICH commencing 7 p.m. Desmond has been quoted as saying that he will never forget his fans in Sri Lanka who have helped him to gain popularity as the years progressed.

Gifted song writers and musicians have singled him out to record their songs and he is grateful that ‘music greats’ like Wally Bastiansz gave him the opportunity to sing his songs which today have become hits.

At this concert on August 31 which will celebrate 75 years in show business you will enjoy new arrangements by Mahesh Denipitiya of the revived songs such as Yanna Rata Vatey and Yamang Bando. The cult song Sumihiri Paaney is now sung at every event and it is Desmond’s version that is always sung, with enthusiastic audience participation which is unbelievable. This is happy news for Desmond and a magnetic attraction for him to sing more for his fans. Desmond’s wife Phyllis wanted to celebrate this milestone birthday of his in Sri Lanka and with DK Promotions she has planned this concert on August 31 to the last detail. The concert has been planned with the idea of taking his fans on a musical journey – bringing back memories of an early era and not forgetting his popular bailas. Says Desmond, “I plan to have all my fans dancing in their seats”.

Desmond is hopeful that all his fans will be at the BMICH to celebrate his milestone birthday on August 31.

Desmond will be supported by an eight-piece orchestra led by Lasantha Kariyawasam and will also feature Mariazelle Goonetilleke and Ishan Bahar.