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Thought to be my son

So to my sentimental face
That little smile
Just one of twenty seven
But to my adorable heart
That dearest you
One more than twenty seven
This goodbye is so impatient
When I remember you
Every day and night
I’ll never ever mind
For all those scribbles in your books
I still love to see you again
Again, I know you won’t remember
All the days I was mad
At your puppy mischiefs
I’ll never stop waiting for the day
To see you a man
Dearest you, I thought to be my son…

- Subathra Shalini


Left the paper pages...

Failure is not a word
It carries lots of feelings
And concern
Thought me to go thought
The experience of life
Leaving the paper pages
I than get delighted
Of my failure
They became my persuasion
Towards the seeking
Of the meaning of a life
And of the so wanted



A painting of the past

A sleepless night,
A noiseless sea,
Woes are in my bosom,
I am alone
A painting of the past,
I see it in the background
Costs,opaquments and it too,
Grant more stress to my heart.

- Binuthi Binaya-Matara.


Free soul to the truth

God willing, it comes deeply from my heart
Walking in peace and love, I want more
A light of guidance I would rush to fulfill it.
Devout my soul I follow blindly, however
I surrender my wills just as my bond
I have to do to get the blessings.
My mind pictures the place to batter my tongue,
My nose pleasant smells, many of seems flowing,
My eyes are rising excited to touch filled with bliss and love
Days go by and nights do fly.
What have you done to please the Sublime.
This world consumes you like a flick of the eye
You need to stop, before you become just a remembered dream.
Like a leaf that travels away, down into the flowing stream.
You need to reach for the keys.
The keys to the magnificent.
Whose heart will never seize.
He showed you the way and where the dutiful will fare.
You cannot say, the message did not come to you till this very day.
Free your soul to the truth of the light.
Before darkness pledges to close your sight…..

- Sasna Nidhar