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Queen on TV

Queen, the latest creation by well known tele-drama director Supun Rathnayake is currently telecast on Swarnavahini.

The story is based on the efforts of a beautiful girl to find out the dark secrets of an MP named Harshadeva Lihinikaduwa. The MP maintains the outward appearance of an ideal politician, patriotic, nationalist and religious who is deeply concerned about his fellow beings. Beneath this exterior lies the dark side of his nature including the maintenance of a torture chamber and the killing of people.

The cast comprise Shalani Tharuka, Menaka Rajapaksha and a host of other well known stars. It is produced by Janaka Sampath Thambarawila and art direction is by Gamini S Prathapage. Music direction is by Kapila Sugath Sumithkumarage while the music direction for the theme song is by Dhanushka Rathnayake. The story and screen play is by Priyanath Vidanapathirana, Nilanka Alexander and Kavinda Malaviarachchi.