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Something fresh from Dhanu

She is a vibrant, bubbly and entertaining host, having worked in the media for many years and catching the attention of viewers, she and her team created a Youtube channel called YouThamizha which features leading Indian celebrities.

Fondly knowns as VJ Dhanu, she loves being in front of the camera and preparing for shows. She spoke to Youth Observer about being a video jockey, hosting and being different.

Q: What inspires your work?

Simply... my love towards the creative media industry.

Q: How do you prepare before a show?

I always want my show to be an entertaining one as well as informative. So, according to the show I first collect details and do some background study. Also, I’m very keen on my stage appearance. I spend time on selecting the costume as well as proper makeup and hairstyle.

Q: What is the most memorable show you have done so far?

My very first live show was on Vasantham TV. Even though I came across a variety of shows on TV, Stages and YouTube, the very first show was always a memorable one. That was the day I felt like I achieved my goal to be a TV personality and also the day I felt my ability to sustain a career in this filed.

Q: How different is your show from the rest?

I show my uniqueness in particular shows, for example, Namma Hits is a musical discussion show of mine and it gives me lot of space to talk about my opinions,views and thoughts on Sri Lankan local talents and productions. Likewise, celebrity interviews are another area where I can be independent and unique, my selective and rare questionnaires for the celebrities or guests make my show a unique one.

Q: What inspired you to start YouThamizha the Youtube Channel?

YouThamizha is a concept of our Team. Here in Sri Lanka, there is a vacuum in Tamil YouTube productions and channels. Also ,as we know ,digital contents going to dominate than the conventional media shortly. To face that era, we have decided to start our platform to express our creativity and views. S o far we are the only Tamil YouTube channel in Sri Lanka which deals with Indian cine celebrities as well as Sri Lankan and independent talents.

Q: What else are you doing with YouThamizha in the coming months?

At the moment we are doing a majority of talk shows. I do interviews with Indian celebrities under the name 'blah blah' with VjDhanu and am doing another show with local talents which goes under the title ThinnaiTalk. The initial step towards making our productions such as short movies, music videos and documentaries in the coming months are going on and they will be the perfect platform for our Sri Lankan Talent.

Q: Three things to keep in mind when hosting a show?

* Awareness of the nature of the show and target audience

* The show should be a memorable one. At least one of my thoughts I throw in the show, should affect my audience and it should be a memorable one.

* None of my problems or sentiments should reflect in my face or my presentation during the show.

Q: How do you connect with the audience and the guest?

My shows are live mostly, during the show callers will get to connect with me. Apart from this my social media pages are always open to accepting the comments and reviews from my audience.

And I need to thank all the good souls behind my success. Especially my very supportive parents, my Channel head of Vasantham TV M. Kulendran, my mentor and the person behind my endeavours in YouThamizha, Diron Fernando, all my show producers in Vasantham TV and my lovable audience and friends.