Tourism industry commends lifting of Emergency | Sunday Observer

Tourism industry commends lifting of Emergency

The tourism industry has welcomed the much awaited government decision to lift the state of Emergency on August 22, with a collective sigh of relief, with hopes that it will serve as a huge boost to the revival of tourism industry which took a hit following the Easter Sunday terror attacks.

The Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga welcoming the move by the government, said that Sri Lanka within the past few months was able to neutralize the terrorist threat whilst consolidating its destination management with new and innovative incentives to welcome more tourists to the country.

“In a matter of just four months our security forces have been able to neutralize the terrorist threat and declare the country as absolutely safe for tourists. With the lifting of the Emergency regulations, all impediments for travel to the country have now been cleared,” said Minister Amaratunga.

“It is encouraging that the world has responded by helping Sri Lanka return to the normal pattern of arrivals in a much shorter period than initially anticipated by the tourism industry. We can now confidently look forward to a very successful winter season ahead, which is traditionally our peak season. With the free visa programme in full swing and reduced ticket prices, Sri Lanka is now a very competitive destination for the international travelLer,” he said.

Sri Lankan travel industry representatives say the lifting of emergency rule comes as a relief and hope it will encourage more tourists to visit the country in the coming months.