A burning tree speaks | Sunday Observer

A burning tree speaks

I smiled
the time I was born
through surface of the earth
as I would be a provider
of oxygen, food, medicine and shelter to you
I smiled
when I was growing
as by storing carbon in my wood
I could help to slow
the rate of
global warming
I smiled
in the times
you liked greenish me,
so I tried
by being a part
to a supportive environment
calming your day-to-day stress levels
to give you happiness
of a bird-watching paradise
but now I am
‘A burning tree’
burning… burning… burning...
for my cry
you will not listen
my tears
you don’t see also
my pain
you don’t feel also
I don’t want to be ashes…
someday without me
your future will be challenged
your generations will be helpless
I am fighting
In between the fire and winds
to be saved
still for you
I am ‘A burning tree’
that cannot
save myself alone
without you!

-Sharmini Natasha