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Another astonishing season of Iththo

Iththo - the teledrama directed by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa is all set for Season 3. At present Iththo Season 2 is telecast on Siyatha TV while Season 3 is being shot.

Iththo is an action based detective series of 100 episodes. It has gained much love from its audience with positive feedback, inspiring the story to move on in different angles. Unlike other teledramas Iththo stands exceptional as it has horror, suspense, adventure, curiosity and action blended within its characters. From the 25th episodes the angle of the story changes - a powerful point where the audience could enjoy a non stagnant story.

Chasing behind criminals isn’t always a simple task. Only masterminds could trace and track the invisible signs left behind crime scenes. The down to earth acting of Roshan Ranawana, Kusum Renu and Sriyantha Mendis as detectives in Iththo make the audience tense trying to resolve the crime in their minds like Sherlock Holmes did.

The cast that supports the serial is about 75 in number. Iththo is the debut play for actress Udari Perera who was introduced to the film industry in Suneth Malinga’s movie Pravegaya.

Roshan Ranawana, Sriyantha Mendis, Damayanthi Fonseka, Amila Karunaratne, Thilini Perera, Nimesha Madhushani and Chamira Liynage were the other actors who were in Season1.

Kusum Renu, janak Premalal, Sachini Wickramasinghe, Hiruni Ranasinghe, Milinda Perera, Kumara Ranepura and many more actors have joined for Iththo Season 2.

Its behind the screen crew comprises Stainer Mclein Adams, Reshan Madhusanka Rajapaksa, Tharaka Adhikari, Mihidu Ariyaratne, Dilshan Pathiratne, Keshan Perera, Suren Rajapaksa, Kavinda Malavi Arachchi, Priyanath Vidanapathirana and Nilanka Alexander.

The teledrama is inspired moreby a Western detective story style not often less seen in contemporary Sri Lankan teledramas. Its a great challenge. The director has walked away from the most common tele themes, such as love, relationships and youth. Tele dramas are a source that provides quality entertainment to the audience. Iththo has action and adventure which will compel the viewer to watch it to the end. Give a moment to Iththo and see how it makes your mind move.