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A beautiful day

The differently talented children with Colombo Chapter officials
The differently talented children with Colombo Chapter officials

The Colombo Chapter, Synergy of Heart & Soul was inaugurated recently at the Otters Aquatic Club under the patronage of its President

Synergy of Heart & Soul is an organisation dedicated to differently talented children. There are approximately seven hundred thousand intellectually disable children and adults in Sri Lanka. For them, there is no course of proper curricular activities other than some assistance once in a way, given on sympathetic grounds.

Normal children are not taught how to deal with their handicapped brethren. The parents of the handicapped children are uncomfortable in the presence of society as well in their homes about the behaviour of their children due to the lack of socialising opportunities and for moving with normal children, to have them as model characters.

Synergy of Heart & Soul was born with the intention to provide them a comfort zone in society and in the heart of everyone. SOHS wanted to go ahead with its vision “… to establish a global community with loving kindness (Metta), to all living beings and environment, respecting the teaching of all religions, accepting fundamental human rights, sovereignty of all ethnic groups, virtues, disciplines, and law abiding to society.”

SOHS’s mission is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, to give them continuous opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrated courage, experience joy and participate in an affectionate atmosphere. Its Special Educational Centre will start soon at the Head Office premises and would provide educational assistance for the children with special needs. This project will also be added with a Vocational Training Centre to engage them constructively; paving them with employment opportunities as well as pro occupational therapy.

On August 7, 2019, the Colombo Chapter of the Synergy of Heart and Soul had about 50 members of differently talented children registered and had an audition to group them according to their basic abilities. Dancing to the rhythm of music and singing to karaoke sounds were the basics the groups got prior to being trained under qualified and experienced teachers and facilitators.

The function was held from 8.30am to 3.30pm at the Otters Aquatic club. All participants were treated with welcome drinks, lunch and snacks and a gift parcel given to each child with the kind courtesy of the sponsors.

If your child is in the Colombo District and wants to be a part of this organisation please feel free to contact the following address: The President, Synergy of Heart & Soul Organisation, No. 493/5, Makola North, Makola. Contact Number: 071 6711144.


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