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National Youth Drama Festival

The 40th National Youth Drama Festival is now being staged at the Tower Hall. The festival which commenced on August 29, will continue till September 8, under the chieftainship of Attorney-at-Law Eranda WeliAnga.

Organised by the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs, National Youth Services Council and Sri Lanka Federation of Youth Clubs, the festival will feature both long and short plays and theatrical productions in Sinhala and Tamil.

The following dramas are to be staged commencing 6.30pm daily. Adaraneeya Maranayak, Kepanan, Thookki, Poth Gula, Swabavika Wedithebimak, Dark Color, Paal, Female, Paadacharikavo, Brain Wash, Night Duty, Thalei Illa Siley, The Smell and Maawa Kanna, Safariyak saha Savaariyak. Mano Maliga will be staged on September 8.

- Mandira Wijerathna