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Save the turtles

Dishan Thilaksh
Dishan Thilaksh

It was a fine day.

Dishan Thilaksh and his friend Sachin had their dinner in Matara town and set out to enjoy the cool breeze and beauty of Polhena Beach. It was around midnight, when they sighted a turtle laying eggs with much pain. To releive the agony of the turtle, Dishan recited the Angulimala Piritha. Later the turtle covered the pit so that nobody could detect its eggs. To ensure the safety of the eggs, Dishan kept the naval officers of the Mirissa court protection unit as well as the police informed. Later 168 eggs were safely recovered and removed to the naval detachment at Mirissa.

The Fauna and Flora Act provides for the safety of near extinct species. Killing and wounding turtles, collection of turtle eggs and its retention and sale are punishable by law.

Dishan’s meritorious act deserves public accolades and felicitation.

– Translated by Michael Kittampahuwa