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An apology most sincere Forgive me my Celestial Teacher


It was evening. I was very angry with myself. I came third in the 100 metres at the inter district athletic meet. I had run as fast as my two legs could carry. The young person seated next to me, requested me to ring the bell. I obliged with an unsmiling nod. He thanked me with a smile, and with a little difficulty he approached the exit. It was then that I saw that he had only one leg. He alighted with a wave. He was gone.

Please my beloved teacher in whom I believe, forgive me for my whine, my kendiriya. Yes: I have two legs to walk and run. Also to skip, hop and swim. He had only ONE.

I was now in the train. It was twilight. My disappointment and whine was still within me. The sky was one beautiful splash of colour. A flock of birds flying to roost made the scene absolutely fantastic. All were admiring the wonders of nature. My companion seated next to me seemed to be asleep. I patted him on the shoulder and told him about natures extravaganza. He smiled so very charmingly. Next he removed his dark glasses. He was blind. The white cane was beside him. He was still smiling when I alighted. “Good Night”, he said.

Lord forgive me for my whine. I have two eyes to see, while he must be saying ‘Oh, What is that thing called light, that everybody says is so bright. He could not see the world.

I was on my way home from the station. Mixed emotions, but my failure to be a winner was making me whine.

There was an appreciative audience watching a musical show near a newly opened department store. I joined the crowd. A lovely Kandyan dance, was keeping the viewers in raptures. Next, a song by a maestro of yesteryear. Baila and dancing. A drizzle. The person next to me opened an umbrella and invited me in. I thanked him. Then I knew. I knew most sadly that he was deaf and dumb. He could see, but could never express his feelings nor hear voices.

Please my all knowing Teacher, forgive me for my WHINE.

You have given me two legs to take me where I want to go, eyes to see the world around me, ears to listen to your words and those of others. My lips to sing your praises and talk with others. No more will I whine when troubled. Forgive me for my whine or my kendiriya. Forgive me.