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Chuti Minna

Chuti Minna is my best friend. I call her Chuti, she also calls me Chuti. She is tall and very beautiful. When she calls me Nella I don’t like it. Sometimes I fight with her. She is good in her English. She calls me every night and speaks to me in English. Some days Minuki and I fight. She pulls my hair and she hits me. She is a drama queen and when she acts some children in the class laugh at her. She has a brother. Minuki goes to Princess of Wales College. I think she is a good dancer because she practises with me. And the dance steps are very nice. I like them. She shares her breakfast with her friends during the interval. She helps some poor friends in our class. I love Minuki very much.


Neli Nevama,

Grade 8 B,

Princess of Wales College,