My Secret Garden | Sunday Observer

My Secret Garden

I discovered a secret garden
Deep down in my wildest dreams
A home to all the squirrels and birds
And some friendly bumble bees
The rabbits hop about for food
While ducks swim in the stream
Throughout the day none fail to hear
The noisy parrots scream
The hedgehog hides away in a bush
Examining the passers by
The luscious green trees, the cool morning breeze
The constant peacock cries
The insects of course they flitter and fly
The sweet scent of flowers devoured by me
A majestic waterfall, the source of life
Tons of things to sense and see
Sometimes I think our thoughts and dreams
Someday they might come true
My secret garden in silence awaits
It might be waiting for you.

Aanya Ganemulla,
14 years,
Holy Family Convent,