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A person I admire

In my eyes, my grandmother will always be the most wonderful, patient, irreplaceable and unforgettable person. Her name is Razeena. We call her ‘Shaani ma’ because she is a caring, loving and beautiful person. My grandma is not only beautiful outside but beautiful inside also. She has the biggest heart that a person can have.

My grandma has many goals in her life. She takes care of me. She also loves me more than I love her. My grandma works hard everyday and also likes to learn something new everyday. I love her and admire her for many reasons. My grandma is always willing to help everyone. When I make decisions she always says “Think about it because there will be no turning back.” I know that she is the best person on earth. I love and care for my grandma.


Abdul Saleem Fathima Zainab Shama,

Grade 9 J,

Mahmud Ladies College,