Urgent drug issuance unit launched | Sunday Observer

Urgent drug issuance unit launched

Following chargers levelled by the Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA), the Ministry of Health launched a unit for urgent drug issuance to hospitals last week.

Explaining the composition of the new unit, Deputy Director-General of Medical supplies division of Ministry of Health, Dr D.R.K. Herath told media that the unit will comprise two pharmacologists representing the Medical Supplies Division (MSD) and the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC).

The pharmacologist representing the MSD will collect data on the need for urgent drugs and communicate it to the SPC pharmacologist. The relevant health institution will be notified of the time the required drug will be issued.

Meanwhile, Director of MSD, Dr A.T. Sudharshana told media that currently there is no drug shortage in the country despite the charges of certain parties. “Just by looking at the Central Drug Depository, no one can complain about the drug supply. What is important is the National Drug Pool which meets all drug needs of hospitals.