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Asia’s Drag Queen returns

Asia’s most iconic drag queen Kumar will be back in Sri Lanka to entertain his many fans towards the end of the year. Anita Dorai will bring down Kumar for yet another hilarious show filled with pithy punchlines and salacious quips.

Anita, who hails from Singapore, is on a mission to bring to Sri Lankan audiences the best talents from her homeland.

Anita says she used to watch Kumar perform at the Hard Rock Cafe, Singapore, where his show comprised singing, dancing, his standup comedy routine and of course, the segment that he is noted for - where he calls on the audience and makes fun of them. According to Anita nobody does Singaporean humour better than Kumar and it isn’t just slapstick stuff. “There’s a sad truth in everything funny he says. A lot of Kumar’s jokes are based on pure observation.”

Popularly known as Kumar, he is a Singaporean Indian comedian and prominent drag queen. Kumar drips with sass and wit as he tackles relatively taboo topics such as sex, race and religion.

He made his name famous with a Singapore cabaret nightclub as its resident performer. Having spent nearly two decades as an entertainer, he has amassed a string of television, stage, and film credits. At present, he performs at Canvas Bar at The Riverwalk Singapore. He released his biographical book, Kumar: from Rags to Drag, in September 2011, in which he publicly said he was Gay, making him one of the very few openly gay public figures in Singapore.

Get ready for his rib tickling anecdotes and amazing wit to bring the ‘house down’ with his unique sense of humour. There is one thing you can be certain of, it would be better than staying at home!

Save the date for Saturday November 2, more details of the show will follow.