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Simple tips to keep your hair in tact

Healthy, shiny hair looks so good whether it is cut short and sassy or left long and flowing. Hair styles today range from the outrageous to the classically elegant, literally anything goes, as long as it complements the wearer, fits in with her lifestyle and reflects her personality. With modern styling techniques and products that are available today, men and women can become as adaptable as the chameleon, changing looks at will (whatever the length of their hair) to suit different moods, clothes and occasions.

Beautiful hair is the body’s greatest natural fashion accessory. It can be curled or coaxed into the most incredible shapes to enhance your appearance and complement your clothes. Few fashion accessories are as pliable or as versatile and yet how many of us really appreciate it?

Well here is the opportunity to show your hair a little care and consideration. All it takes is just these ten easy steps and you are on your way to beautiful hair.

1. A healthy, balanced diet, for super hair and a clear skin.

2. Stimulate that circulation. After all, it is the blood that

supplies your hair with nourishment.

3. Learn to relax. You’re more likely to keep your hair if you do.

4. Cleanliness. This means hair, brushes, combs and rollers too.

5. Conditioner. A must after every shampoo.

6. The cut. A good cut is an investment and the foundation for

any hairstyling service.

7. Products. Choose with care, seek professional advice or select

well-known brand names.

8. Styling Equipment. The right tools for the job makes all the difference.

9. Curls. Perms and relaxes require special care. You’ll need to adjust

your conditioning routine for these.

10. Colour. Make it colourful! Whether it is outrageous or very discreet,

colour can add new dimensions to your hair.


Tip of the Week: Applying Silicone Oil on Hair

Among the many post-hair care products, Silicone oil presides the lot and is commonly used. It is because Silicone Oil is one of the most effective ingredients on hair which covers hair with a thin, waterproof hydrophobic coating. This coating could reduce the absorbency of the hair that makes it less likely to absorb humidity. Living in a humid country like Sri Lanka, this is important if you want to keep your style or hair in good shape after styling it. Silicone Oil is recommended for smoothing and straightening. On the other hand, it reduces moisture loss from the inside of the hair by acting as a conditioning agent as well as a coating to protect the hair. Silicone Oil can also be used as a lubricator on the surface of your hair so it feels smoother and could handle easily by giving it a slippery and less tangled texture. Make sure to purchase a Silicone Oil recommended by your hairdresser that suits your hair.