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New investments and processes at Keells

15 September, 2019

Having given a ‘Freshness Guarantee’ or double your money back promise in 2018, Keells continues to invest in new processes, equipment and innovations to provide customers the best in freshness and quality.

Continuing on its journey of freshness, Keells has looked at all possible improvements needed in the process to retain Freshness. Hence investments in new equipment and processes have been implemented to ensure that consistency is maintained in freshness.

The produce is sourced locally from six vegetable and fruit collection centers across the country that work closely with the farming community to ensure the quality of the produce is up to a specific standard.

The new processes introduced look at a ‘Date Life Code,’ whereby each crate of produce comes with a sticker stating the number of days the product should be kept at stores for sale. “We at Keells have made a promise to the nation to provide the freshest quality food that lives up to the highest standards.” said President Retail, John Keells Group, Charitha Subasinghe.