Serenia Residences completes super structure | Sunday Observer

Serenia Residences completes super structure

15 September, 2019

Serenia Residences, a private collection of 47 beachfront residences focusing on amenities and boutique hotel services, which together with Access Projects broke ground on the nearly 190-perch site in October 2018, completed the superstructure on August 25.

“It is a tremendous achievement and a testament to the dedication of all concerned that we have been able to finish the superstructure in just 10 months,” said Sabina Karunanayake, Executive Director of Serenia Residences.

“We have always been proud of the fact that we have kept our word to all our customers in keeping with the timelines of this special and unique project, but seeing Serenia Residences coming to life now in its final dimension is a great moment,”she said.

The lead architect of Serenia Residences, Roshun Meezan said, “After months of designing, deliberating and developing, it is indeed heartwarming to see the structure fully completed on the grounds of Serenia Residences. Physically being able to walk through the corridors of the building to experience the phenomenal ocean view makes all the hard work worthwhile. We are well within our timelines of the construction phase. Our design dreams are about to be realised.”

“To date 5400 m3 of concrete and 850 000 kg of steel have been used on the project, with a total of 220,000 man hours. Construction during its peak progressed at a speed of up to two floors per month on typical floors,” said General Manager of Access Projects, Bandara and Managing Director of Access Projects, Dilshan Ferdinando.