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Public property

Public properties are very useful to people like us. There are many public properties in Sri Lanka. They are schools, transport, libraries, playgrounds, to name a few. These make our regular life easy, considering we save money and time as most of these are free. Most other countries charge for many of these services.

The bus and train are the common public modes of transport. The train is the cheapest form of transport for the common man. Some people damage and destroy public property. Public property is built by the taxpayers’ money.

Many libraries are also public property where we can improve our knowledge. Sometimes it is hard to use the books because of the carelessness of some students, who damage the books.

Every person must be taught the value of taking care of public property from home and school. We must protect these because they are useful to us now and for the future generation. So, please do protect public property.


Sayuri Navodya Ranathunga,

Grade 10,

Gothami Vidyalaya,