Clinical waste piles up in three provinces | Sunday Observer

Clinical waste piles up in three provinces

15 September, 2019

Following the decision made by the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha to revoke the trade license given to Sisili Hanaro Encare (Pvt) Ltd, the private entity responsible of demolishing clinical waste, over 100 tons of clinical waste are said to be mounting up in hospitals in three provinces.

According to the Director-General of Health Services, Dr Anil Jasinghe, the halting of clinical waste destruction has endangered the function of all hospitals in the Western, Central and Southern provinces.

“In 2014 Local Government authorities resigned from collecting clinical waste. In that context, the government received support from the private sector. As a result, a kiln was built in Mulleriyawa area. But recently we had to stop functioning of this kiln following a court order” Dr Jasinghe said.

Even though the Central Environment Authority had given its consent to this kiln, the local community in Mulleriyawa and local politicians protested against the project and finally won a judicial battle over the issue.

In the absence of a proper mechanism to dispose of clinical waste, the government has then approved to build a new kiln Muthurajawela.

In the meantime, a temporary kiln has been built by the Sisili Hanaro Encare to continue clinical waster destruction. However, the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha recently decided to withdraw the trade license issued to conduct waste disposal at thist emporary kiln.

“This kiln is functioned outside the approved location. But they had a trade license to conduct their activities.

However, many councillors of our Pradeshiya Sabha were against this and they claim that I have taken bribes to keep it in an unauthorized place.

Therefore, to prove my innocence too, we had to withdraw their trade license” Chairman of Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha, Thyaga De Alwis said. We urge them to obtain approval and continue the kiln.