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15 September, 2019

Margaret Kingsley

Memories never fade away

It is now four years since you left me lonely and the memories of our togetherness of 48 years as husband and wife are the only sweet memories I treasure but painful to reminisce!

Your life was an inspiration to me, to our children and all our near and dear ones. You ignited our minds with utmost simplicity and humility. Human life is not eternal and one’s ingress into this life is naked and bare, and one’s egress out of this world is not known where.If one does well in this earthly life, the soul shall rest in peace. One comes into this world crying. I along with others cried when you left this world leaving a rich legacy behind with high traditions to our family.

These four years without you was a burden beyond words and our children and grand children are the only consolation for me to continue, I don’t know till when. The life I spent with you is not going to come back even if I cry year after year!

You are not going to come back! It’s very strange that when seeds fall on the ground, the earth restores it, but in the case of humans, it does not. So, let it be, dear Margaret.

Memories of you will never fade away and you will be immortalised in my memory as a source of pride to the family.

Kingsley Durairaj

Prof. Carlo Fonseka

The Sinhala teacher

My late wife Dr. Nelun having received her senior secondary education in Scotland entered the Medical Faculty in the University of Edinburgh in the early 1960s.

There was a requirement of the University of Edinburgh that there should be two passes in language studies at the GCE A/L for entry. Her application included English language and Sinhalese language.

It was Prof. Carlo Fonseka (who was in Edinburgh at that time pursuing his post graduate medical studies) who gave her free tuition in Sinhalese Language to succeed at the A/L examination in Sinhalese Language.

Prof. Carlo Fonseka was not only a maestro in medical education, but also a successful teacher in Sinhalese.

May he rest in peace

Prof. Dayantha Wijeyesekera

Birthday remembrance

Yoginie Malathie Nakkawita Malwatta

Had you lived, you would have celebrated your 82nd birthday on September 14

It is difficult for me to celebrate your birthday since you are not there anymore

Instead, I am celebrating your life, a life you lived to the fullest

A life as bright as a shining star, to the many lives you touched

The day you were born into this world, you gave immense happiness to Seeya and Achchi

That is why they named you

YOGINIE, the name of a goddess

To me, you were like a goddess with your angelic qualities

You lived like a goddess, with love, kindness and compassion rich in your heart

You were my sun, moon and the stars, you were the light of my life, and you gave me life

You were the reason for my survival, all the heartaches and struggles that I have faced in my life

Because you taught me never to give up, and I am blessed with your inner-strength

You changed my life in every aspect, for better, to be the person I am today

You were the strongest lady I have ever met, you never looked back

You lived in the moment and always looked forward to what is ahead of you

You were a one of a kind; I will never find another like you in my lifetime

You lived an exemplary life, a true Buddhist who lived a simple life

I wonder how you found the energy to be a Mum not only to us but to all your brothers, sisters and even your pupils

To be a counsellor to all your friends and relatives, being a guiding star

To sing dance and entertain, to be the social butterfly you were, to all your loved ones

To be the main devotee at the temple, enriching the lives of others spiritually

You were so beautiful, beautiful in every way; the way you treated each and all of us

Everyone who knew you, like your child, brother, sister and friend with your infectious smile

I will never forget how you cared and nurtured me when I was always sick as a child

And your compassion for all your loved ones and total strangers just the same

Darling Ammi, thank you for always being there for me, loving me and caring for me. No one can ever take your place in my heart.

I am so lucky to be born as your first daughter. I am sure a good deed that I have done in my previous birth is the reason to be born as your child. I hope that you will be my Ammi again on this journey of samsara.

May you have a life full of health, wealth, happiness and longevity, where ever you are! I love you and miss you so much. I will cherish your memory for the rest of my days.

Your ever loving daughter

– Anusha Udayinie Malwatta