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Bridal magic

Master Stylist and Hair Wizard Gerald Solomons has put together a specialist Bridal Team to cater to the needs of all brides and their retinues on that all important day.

“Your wedding is the biggest day of your life”, says Gerald and in order to ensure that simply everything is perfect, Gerald and his specialist Bridal Team will pamper to your every whim and ensure that you look truly spectacular on that all important day – no holds barred !

Gerald’s doors are open to anyone who wants to look good and different to those around them. When it comes to Brides, Gerald’s advice is to go for the soft and feminine look. “That way you can’t go wrong.” With regards to hair, particularly long hair, waves, curls, tendrils and styles where the bun nestles on the nape of the neck are very much in vogue. Hair partially swept up, partially down is also a trend we are seeing increasingly”, says Gerald. “When the bride has short hair, flowers, hair ornaments, even extensions could be used to give hair a special look, while that very special cut / style could also transform a bride for her all important day”.

When it comes to attire, Gerald feels that the trend towards dark, bold colours especially for the retinue is one that won’t last and says that the soft, pastel shades are those that will stand the test of time.

For the Eastern bride, Gerald upholds tradition at all times, whereas the Western bride can always play around with her look.

Gerald’s advice to anyone whether it be a bride or otherwise, is to step out of their box and don a new look for that all important occasion or just for their everyday look.