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Never stop learning - Vasundhra Ravi

Vasundhra Ravi is a reputed beautician with over 30 years of experience in the industry, having shared her knowledge across India and internationally.

She has taught over 300 students, appeared on many TV programs, magazines and other media platforms sharing expertise. She is creating her herbal brand, with grassroots Indian beauty remedies.

Vasundhra who believes in exploring the latest beauty trends, shared her experience with Youth Observer.

Q: Tell us about your career and what are the highlights of it?

I have been in the industry for almost 30 years, with the opening of my salon the 'Visible Difference’. The journey has been memorable and an unforgettable experience. It all started as a hobby, which became my passion and career.

I am thankful to my mother -in -law for encouraging me to start my business. My teacher Vidhya helped me to excel in my profession. The nuances she taught me still helps me today. I have studied at Saks Academy London, Tony and Guy (Singapore) as part of my training. I hold an advanced diploma in Beauty and Hairdressing from City and Guilds U.K

I have also done an aesthetician course in the United States of America. Completed my M.D in Alternative Medicine last year.

Teaching has been a huge part of my career. For more than 25 years, I have taught more than 300 students in Chennai alone. My profession gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge with students in Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Singapore and Malaysia. I have also taught transgender beauty therapy and hair dressing as a part of ‘TAI initiative ‘(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

My interest in beauty and hair care has grown with the introduction of my product range Vridhi. I have formulated many skin and hair care products under this name. Due to my interest in aromatherapy, I have made a new range of aroma based cosmetics as well as the professional range and the retail range.

Q: What do you like most about the beauty trends in Sri Lanka?

It was a great experience teaching in Sri Lanka. It’s always an experience to visit Colombo and other parts of the country. Students are so eager and interested in developing and learning new beauty trends.

I like the floral bouquets and the makeup trend. The beauticians give a lot of importance to the smallest of details, particularly, when it comes to bridal makeup and dressing, including the whole package of making the bride look her best.

Q: What have you learned when it comes to beauty and skincare over the years?

I have learned a lot, travelling and conducting various workshops across the globe, exploring different beauty trends. Besides all this, I constantly go back to the basics, Indian beauty trends and remedies.

Over the years, I have explored in new beauty products, the use of the latest machinery as well as new techniques in the industry. Beauty and skincare is something you learn with experience.

Q: The environment causes a lot of damage to skin and hair, what is best to be done?

With so much pollution, one must take care of one’s skin and hair. Yes, with the current work ethics it may be difficult but little things can be done. India is the land of age-old herbs, oiling of the hair is something passed down many generations. Oil is the best nourishment for scalp and hair, and use of gingelly oil, olive oil and almond oil is really good. Multanimitti (Fuller's Earth) with kasturimanjal (turmeric), basil, green gram and gram flour are excellent skin nourishers.

Q: Your advice to up and coming beauticians?

My advice to the upcoming beautician is to learn, learn and learn all through your life. Always try to better yourself each day. Also, you are your competition and give your absolute best to your clients.