Resus Energy adds 3.1 MW to national grid | Sunday Observer

Resus Energy adds 3.1 MW to national grid

Set up in 2003, Resus Energy PLC, a player in the renewable energy industry, has made investments and developed many projects across the island.

While supporting the national effort to develop renewable energy resources in Sri Lanka, Resus Energy PLC recently invested Rs. 680 Mn in two new mini hydro power projects in Huluganga, and also in Maliboda in Deraniyagala. As with all Resus renewable energy projects, these two projects have been structured with focus to generating renewable and sustainable energy combining the latest technology and an environmentally responsible business proposition. The Upper Huluganga Project that was commissioned in July this year at a cost of Rs. 400 Mn is estimated to generate 1.9 MW in contribution to the national grid.

In keeping with the company’s ethos to always give back and empower its community and its people, Resus Energy PLC undertakes various initiatives to improve the infrastructure and the quality of life within the areas it operates.

The Ranwala Oya Project was built at a cost of Rs. 280 mn and is in the Uda Maliboda, Deraniyagala area. The project is estimated to generate 1.2 MW. Commissioned in November last year, the project is powered by the Ranwala Oya also known as the Kadiran Oya, a tributary of the Seethawaka river.

“Our aim is to work diligently towards more efficient extraction of power and use sustainable technology as available to do so in the future,” said Managing Director of Resus Energy, Kishan Nanayakkara.