Janadi takes home double award | Sunday Observer

Janadi takes home double award

Having been recognized as Best Batswoman and Best All-Rounder at the 41st Observer-Mobitel School Cricket of the Year Awards, Janadi Anali is coming to terms with the excitement.

Hailing from Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda, Anali said, “I’m elated. My parents lent a big hand, throughout. So did my school, especially the principal, teachers such as Miss Champika, and fellow students. My aim is to progress further.”

With two trophies in her arms, Janadi said, “I have dedicated and sacrificed myself to the game.” In a determined tone she asserted, “I will never stop, but only continue. My hope is to represent Sri Lanka.”

Speaking of the double award, Janadi remarked, “The award is very precious and valuable. It will come in handy, moving forward. I’m taking home the results of what I laboured for.”

Having made her alma-mater proud, she has already drawn plans of her future. “My next target is the national team. When you are engaged in this type of game, it is an inspiration. When others look at it, they also become interested, inspired and seek to improve their game,” she said.